A selection of my favorite works

Exoname - AI domains generator

In this project, I've developed a web application that simplifies the process of finding the perfect domain name. Using Artificial Intelligence, this application suggests domain names tailored to your vision. Moreover, it goes the extra mile by promptly checking their availability.
In this project, i included :
  • OpenAI API (using the LangChain.js library).
  • Special API to check domains availability
  • Authentication system through Google.
  • Favorites section.
  • History section.
  • Admin dashboard to preview subscribers' details
  • Stripe checkout page for payment processing.(currently disabled)
  • Credits-based system for member subscriptions.(currently disabled)
Major Libraries used :
#TailwindCss #Typescript #Langchain #Next.js mongoose #next-auth #react-hook-form #react-query

PremiumName V1.0

PemiumName is a Domain Selling Platform that enables domain investors to showcase and monetize their valuable domain portfolio. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, PremiumName empowers domain sellers to maximize their potential earnings while providing a seamless experience for buyers.

In this project, several systems were integrated, including :

  • Authentication system for admin.
  • Licensing system implementation.
  • Dark mode implementation.
  • A dashboard that provides a centralized hub for all domains selling activity.
  • An organized and user-friendly domains table that allows easy domain portfolio management.
  • Orders Table to keep track of all domain sales.
  • Custom page creation and management.
  • The ability to make changes to the site's appearance, functionality, and settings.
  • Domain Page that showcases all the important information about the domain.
  • A wide range of payment options to choose from, including Stripe, PayPal, one-time payment, as well as payment in installments.
Major Libraries used :
#TailwindCss #Typescript #Next.js #react-table-library #chart.js #mongoose #next-auth #nodemailer #react-hook-form #react-query #PayPal-integration #Stripe-Integration

PremiumName V1.0 Landing Page

In this project, I developed a landing page and an affiliate program system that anyone can sign up for in order to promote and sell the PremiumName web application mentioned above.

Major Libraries used :
#TailwindCss #Typescript #Next.js #react-table-library #mongoose #next-auth #nodemailer #react-hook-form #react-query #Stripe-Integration

Screenshots from the dashboard

Affiliate section: Account page

Affiliate section: Earnings page

Affiliate section: Payment methods

Admin section: Payout requests page

Admin section: Clients with their license keys.

Other works

ZakiMeals Web App

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